Cattery of Siberian cats "The Best"

Welcomes you to a first Russian-English website of Siberian cats & kittens in USA. is dedicated to bringing useful and interesting information and tips to cat lovers, especially Siberian cat lovers and owners. It is our and many other experts opinion and believe, that Siberian cats are the most intriguing cats and kittens. No wonder they are considered to be a pride of Russia and the whole former Soviet Union for that matter.

    This breed is one of few who are natural, but not selectively bred. This gorgeous and breath taking breed came to this state of appearance by naturally evolving over a period of many centuries. This is exactly why Siberian cats are well known for their excellent health, hunters instinct, independence and yet loyalty to its owner. These amazing cats are HYPOALLERGIC.  Needless to say that popularity and demand for Siberian cats grows in USA and Europe rapidly every year.

    This is far from everything about these beautiful and exciting cats. If you would like to learn more, please browse through this site and you will be thrilled by what you will learn.

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